Designed and Mixed in Italy by Fabio Genito
Mar 10, 2016

Welcome to UNDAbar : an UNDA kind of Blog

Ciao! As you may have noticed yet , YOU ARE HERE surfing on our new platform which is the core of our Vision. This is not a website : it’s a multisensorial way to let you embrace the Vision through a large amount of unique contents. And to launch the site, there’s nothing better than introduce you to our newest format where anything can happen…

Welcome to UNDAbar, our “UNDA kind of Blog” .

This will be more than a blog. It will be the place where you will live the UNDA vision with us. We will hang out and talk about People , Style and Sound.

Imagine that you are in a very stilish living room or private club, having your drink , listening to some cool vibes , enjoying the sound we will produce for you together with a bunch of friends from all over the world, chatting , even dancing or just having a good time. This is the place where you will live the Vision.

So watch this space . We got so much goods to share and exciting news to come!

I hope you enjoy the ride, and once again….

Welcome to UNDAbar ,



Fabio Genito