Designed and Mixed in Italy by Fabio Genito
Jul 14, 2016

UNDAbar vol.2

Music for your soul, your spirit and your body, a journey into world music sounds at 432hz, the harmonic sound of Universe. Designed and Mixed in Italy by Fabio Genito. Enjoy the vibe Ps if you experience some sort of YouTube “blocks” depending on your country just click on the play button below:

Louie Vega for Unda (5)
Apr 08, 2016
Fabio Genito

Louie Vega : UNDA Ambassador

There are persons /things/happenings which are timeless and we must always preserve and care. CULTURE , MENTALITY, RESPECT, GRATITUDE and UNIVERSAL BEAUTY are some of these values. We at Unda believe that a NEW RENAISSANCE of Arts is much needed, especially nowadays, to ensure music and culture a new life. That’s what we call UNIVERSAL […]

Lost in the Vibe - Fabio Genito
Mar 12, 2016
Fabio Genito

Lost in the vibe

Sitting in front of this beauty somewhere on our fantastic planet , just wanted to share this frame of life with you, while listening to one of my beautiful classics from the amazing Kenny G , remixed by my friend Todd Terry and released on Arista in 1997. A timeless inspiration vibe… Enjoy your weekend […]

Designed and Mixed in Italy by Fabio Genito
Mar 10, 2016

Welcome to UNDAbar : an UNDA kind of Blog

Ciao! As you may have noticed yet , YOU ARE HERE surfing on our new platform which is the core of our Vision. This is not a website : it’s a multisensorial way to let you embrace the Vision through a large amount of unique contents. And to launch the site, there’s nothing better than […]