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Fabio Genito presents #UNDAmix 008
Dec 14, 2016
Fabio Genito

UndaMix: esoteric trip into unexplored musical atmos

“My experimental path keeps going..i’m very pleased to introduce you to UNDAmix, an esoteric trip into unexplored musical atmospheres. I hope you enjoy the ride and i hope it’s gonna get you to the deepest sides of your spirit” Fabio   #UNDAmix 008 – Fabio Genito – 11/12/16 Playlist: 1. intro: A Guy Called Gerald […]

Louie Vega for Unda (5)
Apr 08, 2016
Fabio Genito

Louie Vega : UNDA Ambassador

There are persons /things/happenings which are timeless and we must always preserve and care. CULTURE , MENTALITY, RESPECT, GRATITUDE and UNIVERSAL BEAUTY are some of these values. We at Unda believe that a NEW RENAISSANCE of Arts is much needed, especially nowadays, to ensure music and culture a new life. That’s what we call UNIVERSAL […]