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UNDA Ambassador

Grammy Award Winner LOUIE VEGA : UNDA Ambassador

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Apr 08, 2016
Fabio Genito

Louie Vega : UNDA Ambassador

There are persons /things/happenings which are timeless and we must always preserve and care.


We at Unda believe that a NEW RENAISSANCE of Arts is much needed, especially nowadays, to ensure music and culture a new life. That’s what we call UNIVERSAL BEAUTY REVOLUTION.

LOUIE VEGA is surely the one who, with all the due respect to others, kept it going and still does it strong on a consistent, unique and culturally ELEVATED MUSICAL profile, in a era where music and talent are not the core factors anymore, most of all in the music industry.

I’ve been friend with this man for years. He’s a brother and a mentor to me. He gave me so many opportunities and the chance to be heard by a broader worldwide audience, changing my life, signing me years ago as artist under his prestigious Vega Records label and always being supportive in all my life since day one.
Now that i got this big time challenge and universal dream called UNDA , guess what? He’s there !
I’m very excited to announce you all that LOUIE VEGA is the official UNDA ambassador worldwide.

He doesn’t need any introduction, being on top of the music industry for more than two decades as dj , producer and remixer.

If “House Music” (the REAL House Music, intendended as a global cultural movement, not just a musical style) exists it’s mostly thanks to this man who, among just a very few others, started it all with projects like Masters At Work (MAW) , alongside Kenny “Dope” Gonzales, producing and remixing artists like Madonna, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic,  Hector La Voe (which is also Louie’s uncle) , Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, Lisa Stansfield, Simply Red, Gloria Estefan , just name a few) , Nuyorican Soul (featuring Tito Puente,  George Benson , Roy Ayers and India just to name a few) , Elements Of Life (featuring artists like Raul Midon, Blaze (Josh Milan & Kevin Hedge), Luisito Quintero, Luis Salinas, Ursula Rucker just to name a few)  and recently with his debut solo album “Starring XXVII” just released on Vega Records (featuring a stellar artists parterre including Caron Wheeler of Soul II Soul , Jocelyn Brown, Monique Bingham,  Funkadelic & the Iconic George Clinton (THE “funk”), Fania Records’ Roberto Roena , The 3 Winans Brothers and The Clark Sisters,  Anane Vega, Nick Monaco & Soul Clap, N’Dea Davenport of Brand New Heavies, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle,  Josh Milan, Bucie, Tony Momrelle, Kaylow, Vikter Duplaix, Cassio Ware, Adeva, Leroy Burgess & Convertion , Kenny Bobien, Zara McFarlane, Luis Salinas, Diviniti and Byron Stingily) .

Here’s a video introduction to the album:

Quality , passion, consistency, unique skills and love are the factors who brought this humble Nuyorican (born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, by Puerto Rican family) to be nominated four times at the GRAMMY’S and to gain the Award in 2006 with the song “Superlfy” (Louie Vega EOL Remix) produced for soul music icon Curtis Mayfield.

Also mentioning in 2007 he composed a song for CIRQUE DU SOULEIL (“One Dream” feat. Anane) and performed with his band Elements Of Life & Anane Vega on lead to 145.000.000 millions people worldwide broadcast, live at the Miami Dolphins Stadium , in front of 70.000 people, during the SUPER BOWL XLI Pre-Game show.

Here’s the video of that beautiful day :

Louie Vega is considered “El Maestro” by a large number of people all over the planet.

I hope you will enjoy this photoshoot as much as we love it. We had so much fun! Each picture should tells you a different story and gets you on a different mood.

We got some exclusive projects produced together with Louie coming up in the near future and we look forward to share it with you all.

Make sure you watch this space to access to exclusive music and video contents…. and , if you still are not part of our tribe, just connect with both Louie and us on all the socialnetworks. We will reveal more when u never expect…

Let us know what do you think by commenting below this page and if you feel you want to show some love, spread the word all over your networks by sharing this page.

Here’s a list of social links to find us :


The Universal Beauty Revolution has started !

Much Love and Welcome to UNDA ,



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Letsatsi Malia
Apr 08, 2016

I will like to know more about UNDA.

Adrian Santos
Apr 08, 2016

I can honestly not think of anyone more worthy of being an ambassador on a global level because the reality is for him it’s just a continuation of what he is already is deeply involved and dedicated to promoting. As a dj myself and not promoting and playing house music on my own station after many years in clubs and retail, I am a huge fan of his work and his continued success means more people will experience the joy and love that House Music can generate .
Adrian “olskooldj” Santos
Good Luck in your new venture

Fabio Genito
Apr 08, 2016

Thank you very much Adrian