Dec 26, 2016
Fabio Genito

É morto George Michael: gli imbecilli del web ironizzano

Tutti a piangerlo (e anche a beffeggiare ironia su “Last Christmas”) ma nessuno a chiedersi perché si faceva di crack. La vita e la morte sono una cosa seria. Gli artisti vengono ormai “usati” e poi gettati via con i loro problemi REALI, per far posto a una miriade di lobotomizzati costruiti a tavolino che […]

Fabio Genito presents #UNDAmix 008
Dec 14, 2016
Fabio Genito

UndaMix: esoteric trip into unexplored musical atmos

“My experimental path keeps going..i’m very pleased to introduce you to UNDAmix, an esoteric trip into unexplored musical atmospheres. I hope you enjoy the ride and i hope it’s gonna get you to the deepest sides of your spirit” Fabio   #UNDAmix 008 – Fabio Genito – 11/12/16 Playlist: 1. intro: A Guy Called Gerald […]

Louie Vega for Unda (5)
Apr 08, 2016
Fabio Genito

Louie Vega : UNDA Ambassador

There are persons /things/happenings which are timeless and we must always preserve and care. CULTURE , MENTALITY, RESPECT, GRATITUDE and UNIVERSAL BEAUTY are some of these values. We at Unda believe that a NEW RENAISSANCE of Arts is much needed, especially nowadays, to ensure music and culture a new life. That’s what we call UNIVERSAL […]

Lost in the Vibe - Fabio Genito
Mar 12, 2016
Fabio Genito

Lost in the vibe

Sitting in front of this beauty somewhere on our fantastic planet , just wanted to share this frame of life with you, while listening to one of my beautiful classics from the amazing Kenny G , remixed by my friend Todd Terry and released on Arista in 1997. A timeless inspiration vibe… Enjoy your weekend […]

Designed and Mixed in Italy by Fabio Genito
Mar 10, 2016

Welcome to UNDAbar : an UNDA kind of Blog

Ciao! As you may have noticed yet , YOU ARE HERE surfing on our new platform which is the core of our Vision. This is not a website : it’s a multisensorial way to let you embrace the Vision through a large amount of unique contents. And to launch the site, there’s nothing better than […]