UNDA is a VISION, a guiding light i’m following since i was born.
Our mission is to DARE beyond the standards,

pushing boundaries through unexplored creative territories,

to EVOLVE our life.
UNDA comes from latin and it means WAVE, ONDA.

We all vibrate on frequencies.

And SOUND is an oscillation of waves,just like the sea,

the chant of a dolphin or our heartbeat.
It’s a multisensorial experience.
It’s LIFE…and LIFE is LOVE.
We all are made to LOVE,

and Love is the harmonic sound of the Universe.
This vision is for lovers..it’s Made in Italy by lovers..
and if you’re reading this, it means you are a lover,just like me.
I WAS BORN AMANDO“- Fabio Genito

UNDA is a non-linear italian STYLE FACTORY.

It’s a celebration of life.

Life is joy. Joy makes us feel good. Feeling good means evolution.

Inspired by Fabio Genito’s creative vision and by a deep “evolve to evolve” need through sounds, shapes and feelings, we gave life to this great Made in Italy sinergy to be a planetary storm in STYLE generating VALUE and INNOVATION through the power of UNIVERSAL BEAUTY.

We are the anti status-quo. We are a team of people coming from different worlds and apparently dissonant succesful stories. Different cultures and knowledge got together harmonically inspired by the power of the concept with a common factor: BE YOURSELF.

Every human has an unlimited potential. We decided to modulate it through universal emotional gates: music, fashion, design, art, non-linear events, urbanization of new spaces, spreading italian culture, beauty and style, non-conventional marketing.
This way we will cover the entire Planet offering NEW FORMS OF INTERACTION and NEW BUSINESS MODELS.

In this digital era, if you want to catch the real essence of life you got to go BACK TO THE ROOTS, discovering a brand new SPIRIT OF NETWORKING.
That’s why our mantra is  “I WAS BORN AMANDO“.
We started from a non-linear record label and now with a fashion brand, inspired by a mediterranean multisensorial experience which pushes italian style to new urban concepts and metroglobal visions.
I WAS BORN AMANDO it’s our first capsule collection.
Unique prints, art, design and excellence quality materials see the light thanks to the experience of italian masters and artesans of excellence.
It’s Made in Italy with LOVE.

UNDA is a powerful dream which will change millions lives.

Our story

“My name is Fabio Genito, i’m an italian dj/music producer and designer.

I’ve been in the music industry for more than two decades, coming from an underground niche music scene which gave me so many satisfactions and changed my life.

Over the past 20 years i’ve been traveling across different countries of the world, thanks to MUSIC.

Music and traveling taught me to embrace life with “open mind”. That’s what programmers call “open source”. That really improved my life.

Having started from the bottom and living different experiences taught me to appreciate every single breathe and enjoy every single journey. Never-ending curiosity, continuous hungry for knowledge and need to evolve to improve are what i live for.

Life is an extraordinary journey which i decided to live without compromises (taking on my own risks , in good or bad).

That need to express ideas, shapes and feelings through creativity is something marvelous and illogical at same time. Something magic which moves the world and a huge potential that we all have built-in (i call this “the Ducky factor”).

I met so many people . Different kind of humans but still humans.

Unda , the record label , was born because of a strong need to have an independent voice out of any market impositions, out of any “free work for nothing” , in a totally fucked up music industry where music and talent are not the core factors anymore.

We built the label on quality and research, to develop our very own sound identity. Something unexplored but deeply planted to my roots (when “house music” was a movement, not a genre), unique and not necessarily related to any specific musical genre (House is not a genre, it’s the motherboard , just like Rhythm is the essence of Music). No boundaries.

The ones who categorize music into genres are ignorants , because they ignore its prime essence. Musical genres and categorization are just a dumb invention of devastated markets. You should trust only to one thing to “find your Music” : i like it or not.

When i started the label two years ago, I still didn’t have a name and a logo for it, though. But i knew exactly where i wanted to start from : the underground culture . The idea was to dare, producing unexplored sounds coming from the underground (not just “house” at all and with a big “world /ethnic” influence), to discover and create new atmospheres without any boundaries. And so Underground Not Dared Atmos came out.

But i still wasn’t satisfied..i felt something was missing. I also wanted to express the more spiritual and deep side of my vision. And it was there ! Right in front of me, as seen the latin origin and the meaning of the word UNDA. It means “wave” and sound it’s an oscillation of waves , vibrating on frequencies!

I did develop the whole concept from there, naturally, going with the flow like if some guiding spirit was showing me the way. I felt a powerful , warm and ethereal light inside me. And this has nothing to do with religion. Although i respect every human who has FAITH and believe in his/her own religion or goal, i do believe SPIRITUALITY is the real upper perception of life.

That’s how “Amando” was born, our first release. Inspired by a wonderful state of natural ecstasy which got me mind traveling very quickly to apparently dissonant world corners. An intense passion feeling was filling up my soul. I was living a giant gratitude feeling. I felt in harmony with Universe. And that’s when something majestic happened inside me, like if i was connected to a divine UNIVERSAL LOVE consciousness.

The feedbacks i got from the industry people in my segment (some of the best dj’s in the world , press and media..) were truly encouraging.

I always felt to create something big like a “mother core” which could have been getting together everything i loved. Something which could have been giving me the chance to express myself through creativity in different freedom forms, not just music, according to an “inner voice” which i always have been listening to. Some call it consciousness , instinct, inspiration , flow..i call it GUIDING LIGHT.

So i’ve been collecting apparently disconnected “things” for years, in a sort of continuous brainstorming, guided by this LIGHT. Sounds , words, styles, objects, perfumes, remembers, feelings, happenings, clothing, tastes and so on…   but that wasn’t all.. i kept updating an eventual “list” of people picked-up among my network, like a Dream Team i felt , first or then, would have been related to my life masterplan. I was imagining them all being seated around a big elliptic table, like those being used in corporate meetings, and everybody with their own belief and their own skills . Talented and successful people all differents from each other but everybody with a common factor : we want to BE OURSELF.

A Dream Team eventually born in Italy to reach a broader area : the WORLD, to change the status quo.

The will to create that “mother core” base was stronger and predominant. And it was happening…

So i started designing sketches on some post-it about everything was flowing thru my mind, without paying much attention to technics (i’m not a great designer), going with the instinctual flow to don’t loose ideas and inspiration. I was immersed in “flying paper notes” (lol) and i was ashamed of them but i was caring about them like they were my Holy Grail (and they still are!) . And some of them doodles were exactly the same ones i was drawing when i was a kid. Weird forms/drawings/sketches i wasn’t able to explain (and i’m still not) but they sounded so familiar to me and they always came out so naturally. You know when you are talking on the phone or you feel bored at that meeting or you are at school and you do those weirdo doodles on the paper or on your tablet? There you go! And by them doodles the “I Was Born Amando” capsule collection was born. That’s when the fashion brand was born.

So i launched the startup which we could now define as “Style Factory” , empowering what we call UNIVERSAL BEAUTY.

Style (not fashion..) is something you gotta feel inside. It’s something i always considered fundamental and distinguishing in everything. Everybody of us has its own style. It’s actually style which elevates something up from its apathetic condition to a wider Illuministic vision. And it has nothing to do with “fashion” or so called “trends” (horrible words to define a style, though).

So i didn’t do nothing but followed that light, with a huge dose of “i don’t give a damn if i fail” . And with that risky foolish attitude, i started to brainstorm trying to understand how to get those “doodles” into something “wearable”, to also have others experiencing on their skins what i experienced or “saw” yet.

This research has been going on for years. Years spent in learning a lot by some people and very less by some others (usually i call those “poets”, with all the due respect to the real poets). Years of great peaks but most of all of great downs, doubts and “this thing is freaking me out. I want to give up” moments..

I was completely fascinated by that so called “fashion system” mechanism and its impact on “beauty”, but also very stressed out as newbie approaching to the unknown. I had no clue how to do that but i knew what i wanted and i knew it wasn’t easy to transform that into reality, especially when most of the people in that system are not on your same path : they only look at profits and follow the status quo.

After a long run we reached the “prototype” phase with plenty of them done. Those prototypes actually got us to define “I Was Born Amando” as a collection. A limited edition unisex / man / woman apparel capsule , unique and funky, inspired by the harmonic sound of Universe . And what’s that sound ? Its’ LOVE.

Eeach piece of the capsule (which consists of t-shirts, beanies, sweaters/jumpers and more items) has a unique design, special treatments and prestigious details. Every garment has a different story, a different sound identity and a different perfume. It’s a piece of art shaped on you.

It’s designed to last, not to be thrown away like some “fast fashion poets” want you to do.

We can still show this Planet the due respect by remodulating our habits and build a sustainable world by creating timeless VALUE.

Every garment is entirely made in Italy from scratch (and from those “doodles”!) by the hands of experienced masters artisans led by our vision, in a textile industry destroyed by itself , by its arrogance, usually full of approximation and , again, blinded by profit. A supply chain who only complains but barely does something to evolve. How? Believing in the new, believing in startups , young brands , new ideas , to create a sustainable chain. Despite this , it’s still the best textile industry in the world and the most envied and imitated. But it has to change. And we are here to enhance that change.

We still believe a lot in the Made in Italy supply chain , though, but it’s time to speak our mind, as italian startup, to ensure style a new era : the Universal Beauty revolution.

Every detail in both the creative and production chain we built is not a detail : it’s a world of its own. I pretended excellence-finished detail care on everything , from textures to packaging. And most of the times arguing with the status quo “poets” (remember them?) .Some might be skilled in their jobs but they don’t have a clue of what “having a vision” means.

One of our goals, as company, is surely to bring the venture to be a total-look brand (not only related to fashion) to express at 390 degrees (yes..lol..that additional 30 degrees is what we call the “Undafined”) the values of the concept and so of the brand.

We look forward to find and meet other humans to share our vision with. We need peers to build a tribe with, a movement which can be capable to overcome the status quo with creativity and love. And we know you guys exist !

Now…if you reached to this point and you are reading this and you are feeling the same emotions i do, then… we already are connected.

If you think you are what i think you are yet, EMBRACE THIS VISION to change your life TOGETHER WITH US, joining this dream which is gonna change many lives also thanks to YOU.

And now…let me ask you something : What are you really doing to IMPROVE and EVOLVE your life?

Thank you for dedicating me 10 minutes of your life and welcome to UNDA”

Fabio Genito (CEO&Creative Director)